Understanding Personal Injury Law

Generally speaking, whenever there is a duty on someone to exercise the standard of care towards someone else and when a person is injured because that standard of care is not met there is a situation which the law callsĀ negligence.

Most of the cases that we see are car accidents, because obviously there are more cars on the roads than the other incidents where a person gets injured. A person could get injured in a sporting event, they could get injured at home, at work, may be because of medical malpractice. Those are the general areas of law in which people start looking for a personal injury attorney.

What is the ultimate objective of a personal injury law suit?

It is trying to restore someone so that they are economically whole again. Trying to not only compensate them to a modest degree for the impact on their lives in general. But primarily to put them back in the same position financially that they would have been in had the injury not occurred at all.

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